Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Interactive Architecture Brainstorm

Interactive Architecture
I preferred the room with the delayed mirror because I thought it was interesting how it wouldn’t immediately play back your actions. To be completely honest, I didn’t understand what the other two rooms did at all. To me, it seemed like you just were supposed to talk to this machine that would show you completely random pictures and at the end you pulled the levers on a different machine with light up faces. I wasn’t exactly sure what to make of it, so the delayed mirror was my favourite. I think it would especially be cool to see what other people did in the mirror before you like an odd movie. It was unique because you would be standing in the exact same spot as they were when they did those actions.

I think that the giant LED screen could be considered a piece of interactive architecture because it temporarily transports the viewer to new world by surrounding them with visuals as they walk. They could feel like they were walking underneath a spaceship or as if they were underwater or on a mountaintop depending on the visual projected onto the LED screen.

This is a piece of art because it is a very modern and conceptual way to create the impression of being underwater. It is essentially representing the ocean through the medium of lights on ropes. It would take a lot of coordination, creativity, and work to create this piece of art.


a.      I think that the less-used stairs next to the cafeteria could benefit from coming alive. Not many people use those stairs, but if they did it would mean less traffic on the main stairs and less crowding in the east wing hallways.
b.      This space could be brought to life through the use of colours and sounds. When you go up the stairs, each step would light up in the pattern of your shoe print that would fade away after a few seconds. Depending on the speed of the person going up the stairs, the lights would be different colours. Green would be for a good pace and red would be if they were going very quickly. If you went up the stairs at a good pace, each step would play a note so by the time you had gotten to the top you would have played a song.
c.      The message of this is to slow down and enjoy life more. Today everything is so fast paced and you can get lost in trying to do everything faster and more efficiently. The song would be like a reward for taking the time to relax a little. It creates a conversation with the user because it responds to their movements, rewarding them for taking the time to ‘smell the roses’ and relax versus frantically rushing everywhere. It would be especially important for teenagers because it would, in a way, encourage them to be on time everywhere so they don’t have to rush.
d.      The viewer can interact with this piece of art simply by walking up the stairs. The stairs would respond to the speed of their movement.

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